Six Illinois Cities Sign Covenant Renewal 2021

Cities: East Moline, Hampton, Milan, Moline, Rock Island and Silvis


Six Illinois Cities 

Sign Covenant 2017

Cities: East Moline, Hampton, Milan, Moline, Rock Island and Silvis


Photos Courtesy Dispatch/Argus


Mayor John Thodos of East Moline, Illinois, followed by:

Mayor Scott Raes of Moline, Illinois

Mayor Dennis Pauley of Rock Island, Illinois

Mayor Duane Dawson of Milan, Illinois

Alderman Rick Lohse, designee for Mayor Tom Conrad of Silvis, Illinois 

President Kevin Irby, Village of Hampton, Illinois


Law Enforcement

Sheriff Gerry Bustos Rock Island County, followed by:

Chief Kim Hankins, Moline Police Department

Chief Mark VanKlaveren, Silvis Police Department

Chief John Reynolds, East Moline Police Department

Chief Terry Engle, Hampton Police Department

Lieutenant Jason Dickey, Illinois State Police, District 7

Chief Jeffery R. Venhuizen, Rock Island Police Department

Chief Shawn Johnson, Milan Police Department



Superintendents of Public Education

Ms. Tammy Muerhoff, Regional Superintendent, Rock Island County, followed by:

Ms. Sheri Coder, designee for

                                    Mr. Kristin Humphries, Superintendent East Moline School District # 37

Dr. Terri VandeWiele, Superintendent Silvis School District # 34

Mr. Lanty McGuire, Superintendent Moline/Coal Valley School District #40

Dr. Jay Morrow, Superintendent United Township District #40


The Village of a Thousand Elders

Rev. P. Wonder Harris, Founder/Senior Ambassador (Village of East Moline, Silvis, Hampton)

Pastor, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, East Moline, Illinois 


Rev. Dr. Melvin Grimes, Senior Elder (Village of Moline and Coal Valley)

Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Moline, Illinois


Rev. Darryll Thompson, Senior Elder (Village of Rock Island and Milan

Pastor, House of Fire Ministries, Rock Island, Illinois


Six Illinois Cities signed Covenant of Common Understanding of Respect and Expectation

between Citizens and Public Services. "Reducing Racial Bias"


On March 7, 2017, leaders from six Illinois cities came together to sign a Covenant between Citizens and Public Services. The event was hosted by Mayor Scott Raes of Moline, Illinois.


 Cities: East Moline, Hampton, Milan, Moline, Rock Island and Silvis


The Signers: Mayors, Law Enforcement (State Police, County Police, City Police), Superintendents of Public Education and Elders of The Village of a Thousand Elders.


 The challenges of racial bias is too heavy to ask one side to do all the lifting. We must work



Racial Bias dominates in the unknown. Therefore we use a "Village Seal" composed of   wristbands and an auto decal to enable a known.  This provides a safe and accessible

off-ramp from bias.


Don't Assume, Verify!


The Wristband "Village Seal"


Citizens ages 18 and up:  Yellow and Black wristbands

Youth ages 6-17: Green and Black wristbands

"Village Seal" Auto Decal for motorist and police encounters.


Public Services

Law Enforcement: Blue and White wristbands

Educators: Gray and White wristbands ( Representing  the gray and white matter of the brain)


Click here to Get the "Village Seal" Auto Decal


Establish a Village!

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